Spring 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter

Please join us in congratulating Sgt Sean C. Erdrich as our Spring 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter as well as the Rhein Main Area’s Volunteer of the Quarter!

Sean consistently shows that he’s a #ForceBehindTheForces by taking the initiative to help create new promotional materials and by becoming one of our biggest social media promoters. He approaches every outreach opportunity with enthusiasm, whether it’s going on AFN to share his volunteering experience, grilling and cooking for any of our number of meal centric programs, keeping the center open so that we can maintain 24-hour operations for our troops, or orienting new volunteers. He supports programs like Brunch 4 Troops, Waffle Wednesdays, Patriot Express, and Cookies, Milk & a Movie faithfully every week and his support is invaluable. Since transitioning to virtual programing, Sean has helped us test run numerous programs, offered recommendations on how to make improvements, and helped implement our Trivia, Incirlik Connects, and Netflix Watch Party virtual programs. Sean is a service member who selflessly sacrifices his time off duty to better those around him and always makes sure that he leaves environments better than when he arrived.

Thank you, for your outstanding contributions and dedication to USO Incirlik, your Unit, the 39th ABW and the United States Army. #USOIncirlik #BeTheForce

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