Summer 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter

Please join us in congratulating SSgt Samuel Wood as our Summer 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter!
Sam is a dedicated service member and young leader in the military. Off duty, these qualities followed him into the center where he spent most of his free time at Incirlik Air Base. Sam played a key role in maintaining a strong partnership with the 5/6 council and the recruitment of new volunteers. He always wore a smile no matter the day and treated everyone with the upmost respect. Sam embodies the core values of the USO (specifically Collaboration, Respect, Excellence, and Do the Right Thing) and its dedication to connecting service members to family, home and country. He contributed to numerous programs and events as well as assisting with facilities maintenance and center operations. He is an interactive leader and volunteer who spearheads tasks and takes initiative to ensure our programs and center operations are run in accordance with the USO’s standards of excellence. Sam is a true asset to the USO and a perfect example of what it means to be a force behind the forces. Sam, thank you for your outstanding contributions and dedication to USO Incirlik! #USOIncirlik #BeTheForce

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