October 2020 Volunteer of the Month

The impact felt by a volunteer can be measured in many ways; but we sometimes overlook how a volunteer can have a tremendous impact directly on the Staff of the USO. With our small staff, Center hours from 0800-2400, and delivering outreach programs and Base support, coverage at the Center can be challenging.

That is where our Volunteer of the Month, SrA Cory Kitchens, fits in. When Cory signed on as a new volunteer in August of 2020, little did we know that he would become an anchor of late night USO Incirlik, amassing over 269 hours. Cory’s willingness to cover the late evening shift allowed the Staff the flexibility to deliver daytime programming, and still keep the Center open until midnight, and often, until the wee hours of the morning for sports games! Cory’s quiet and sweet demeanor and his love of his family adds to our being happy and proud to have Cory as an important member of our USO Incirlik volunteer family, and honored to call him our Volunteer of the Month.

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