Fall 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter

Please join us in congratulating MSgt Thomas “TR” Hagmaier as our Fall 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter!

With over 740 volunteer hours garnered in just over three short months, “TR” made a significant impact on every level of our Center operations, from providing extraordinary customer service to mentoring to manning special events and most importantly his commitment to the USO Mission.

American Football was coming, and T.R. saw a need and stepped in to ensure the Center stayed open for our patrons who otherwise did not have cable access, and logged over 144 hours in the wee hours of the morning. Word got out, and Service Members across Incirlik knew they could count on the USO to be there for them.

Since August when T.R. started volunteering, we added an amazing 63 volunteers into our system! Importantly, T.R. trained almost 2/3 of them! Because of T.R.’s extensive participation with our Center, his training volunteers ensured that they would understand and embrace our policies and procedures. His engagement with new volunteers did not end with orientation; T.R. was a mentor to all and was a model in showing exemplary customer service in action. As a leader and a mentor, T.R.’s influence on our new volunteers will have an impact long after he redeploys.

Our Center, though impacted by COVID restrictions, still makes program delivery a priority and since T.R. came on board, he supported all 20 of our programs! Whether he helped set up, cooked (best burgers, ever!!), helped with cleaning and breakdown and importantly, using his warmth and humor to motivate and engage volunteers and patrons alike, T.R. was always there to support. He could also be counted on to help with outreach events – making waffles, setting up tents, handing out drinks – you name it, T.R. did it!

We know that deployments can take an emotional toll on even the strongest of service members, and T.R. had his share of challenges, but by becoming part of our USO family, found strength, caring and connection. T.R. is a wonderful example of how the impact of volunteering goes both ways: to the Volunteer, who finds purpose and family, and to the USO, who relies on the generosity of volunteers to perform our Mission. What an outstanding win-win!

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