Winter 2021 Volunteer of the Quarter 2021

Keke exemplifies how one person can make a difference by treating everyone with the utmost respect, continuously collaborating with staff and volunteers, as well as placing the needs of others before her own. She opened our center, overnight, during a situation where over 100 deployers returning home from the Middle East were delayed at Incirlik due to a COVID positive passenger. Thinking quickly, KeKe took it upon herself to make sure that every service member got a great meal by cooking them homemade tacos! Not only did she provide a delicious meal, but she handed out drinks, snacks and some USO swag. KeKe channeled true USO spirit by making sure every one of the stranded deployers felt as cared for as possible. Thank you Keke for your service to our nation and for your selfless service to USO Incirlik. Congratulations on not only becoming USO Incirlik’s Volunteer of the Quarter but also the Rhein Main Area Volunteer of the Quarter!

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