May 2022 Volunteer of the Month - Brian

“Welcoming, hard-working, and energetic is Brian Hoffmann!

Stop by USO Incirlik any time of day and you’ll find Brian hard at work keeping the center clean and organized, while providing a helpful hand to our guests. Not only does he work hard in the center, but also with our programs! Since joining in February, he has been able to accrue over 250 hours and is on the fast track to hit over 300!

Brian is an essential figure to USO Incirlik and he represents the USO family well with his charm and hard working attitude. He consistently keeps the center open for extended hours and during his days off. He’s also been vital in helping plan, organize and implement many positive changes to our USO center. He seems to always find a way to balance his own work schedule with our programs.

Brian exudes our core values of excellence, collaboration, and gratitude through his dedication to giving back to his service member community at IAB. Brian’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, and we are so very grateful for his continued contribution to our center and the Base. Congratulations on this achievement, Brian!

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