Matt has been volunteering with USO Incirlik since November 2021. He has contributed immensely to all areas of our programming. His contributions have reached all spectrums of our customer base, be it onsite, in the community as well as our outreach areas. Although Matt possesses most of our core values Collaboration and Innovation really stand out. Our first introduction to Matt was when he entered the USO on a day we were painting the center. Without even asking, he jumped right in, grabbed a paintbrush and joined the painting crew. Fast forward to today, we are constantly brainstorming on new program ideas and Matt always has valuable input. Whether adding a clever spin on an old program or trying to develop a new one, he is always willing to think outside of the box to support his fellow airmen. Matt has been a key player in the majority of our special programs including the Murder Mystery Party, Taste of Home, the Shirts and Top III monthly meal programs. We don’t know how Matt finds the time outside of his duties in FSS in the Air Force but he also opens and closes the center regularly to support others. Since the day Matt grabbed the paintbrush he has earned 284 volunteer hours. Throughout this quarter he contributed 85 hours to baking for the center; this is where he absolutely shines. Matt bakes most weekends and sometimes for up to 8 hours per day. He has also taken two other volunteers under his wing who had no experience in the kitchen. Under his guidance, they are learning basic baking skills and really enjoying themselves. Matt has lead the morale drops and continues to deliver his homemade baked goods to over 218 service members at Incirlik. He has on two occasions baked cookies to be sent up to our expeditionary site with an additional 200 service members enjoying his sweet delights. While on site and in the center he gets personal requests for his pumpkin cookies and his mom’s pumpkin cake. If you have ever tasted something from Matt, you truly want to come back for seconds. When our patrons come up to the counter and see the baked goods are available, it is not uncommon to hear “who baked” only to have them walk away when it was not Matt. I must admit though my favorite comment by a service member upon their departure was “I like coming here, it smells like home” and that is all Matt. Through his contributions we are able to make our center supplies stretch the farthest while providing a taste of home. A few cups of flour, a stick of butter and a few other items is all Matt needs to bring them in! Congratulations Matt, on this wonderful achievement of being our VOQ, VOQ for our Area and in the running for VOQ for all of EMEA! We appreciate you endlessly, here at USO Incirlik

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